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What goes on?

Guilds are different and conform to the needs of their communities. They may include these:

  • Explore!

    Go out on trips and attend events

  • Multi-disciplinary

    Benefit from the expertise and perspectives from other fields

  • Teamwork

    Work on larger projects or collaborations with more people

  • Technical expertise

    Work towards high-quality professional output

  • Professionalism

    Encourage awareness of legal issues, ethics, and real-world workflows

  • Portfolio

    Expand your portfolio with projects or work

  • Connecting

    Networking, socialising, helping one another, or just plain fun

  • Co-learning and mentoring

    We help each other work towards our goals

  • Tailored learning

    Self-teaching or group work - learn in ways you feel comfortable

Guild Grid is working to support these activities through a software platform. Contact us for more info!

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